MGA Cast Stone, certified through the Architectural Precast Association

Providing Cast Stone & Precast Concrete services & products for all of New England and northeastern USA and now throughout the Mid-Atlantic States with SP&A!   #MADEINAMERICA

"We provide a standard of excellence in the quality of our products, to our customers and to the benefit of our employees. I firmly believe that the pride one takes in their work is reflected in their performance and most importantly in the quality of the product produced." 
- Gerry Hamann, Owner

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We can offer the right precast product for the job.

We also represent On Demand Transportation Services.  A highly responsive transportation service company that can work within your budget.      #ODT24/7

As a certified WBE/DBE/SBE, we offer On-Site Representation & Project Coordination services to help you achieve minority goals.

The EWOC (Self Contained Concrete Wash Out System) is portable and can easily be transported to your job site, and is a safe, cost effective alternative to concrete washout pits.   Available in two sizes.   MADE IN AMERICA

EWOC helps with environmental compliance (indoor/outdoor use).

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Amazing Colors & Finishes!

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​​​​Dura-Sales manufacturers the concrete retaining wall system known by the registered trademarks "Dura-Hold" and "Dura-Hold II".

Self battered, Dry Stack, Modular, Tongue & Groove, Solid Precast Block Units, Quick, Affordable, Engineering Included with Wall Design, Self Weeping, Flat and Rock Face Available, No Mechanical Connection Needed, Available Immediately.

Dura-Hold  is Penn DOT Bulletin15 Approved, WV DOT, NJ DOT, Maryland DOT and  approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

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Dura-Hold is a registered PA COSTARS Product

DC Kerckhoff offers pavers and hardscape materials for commercial and residential projects.  We offer both standard and custom sized pavers, including linear pavers and vehicular traffic rated pavers.

All of DC Kerckhoff Hardscape materials are handmade to exacting tolerances, with in-house computerized concrete batching to ensure consistency and quality. #MADEINAMERICA

We offer over 100 standard colors and a wide variety of finishes such as Keystone or Acid Washed in each color. 

Samples available.  #KERCKHOFFSTONE

Cresset Chemical Company Release Agents / Form Treatments / Cures & Seals

​Cresset® Chemical Company has been an innovative leader in Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Sealers, and other products for the concrete construction industry.  At the core of our competency are superior-looking surfaces.  Cresset is driven to continually evolve its New Chemistry “Green” array of products to meet your production, environmental, and OSHA requirements. 

Cresset now offers Bio-Tru Crete Lease that is approved by the USDA.

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manufacturer's rep  of architectural & structural precast concrete

T3's EWOC (Environmental Concrete Washout Container) is a safe and effective alternative to washout pits.